Caveats, cautions, admonitions, forewarnings

First of all, you will notice that there are ads on my blog(s). These are Google Adsense advertisements. I know they are there. There will be no pornographic ads, but I cannot guarantee that every ad is on the up and up. If you see something interesting, and decide to click on it, let the clicker beware. There are a lot of scams out there, and you need to investigate each and every advertisement you read. If you happen to see one that is totally inappropriate, please let me know and I will follow through on it. Feel free to ignore them completely–it’s just an experiment on my part.

The ads come and go by certain keywords in the posts. For instance, the first post about the wedding dress attracted many ads about weddings, wedding gowns, and all things wedding. They change at the drop of a post.

There are people who spend maybe 40 hours a week or more writing blog posts on multitudinous blogs in order to get paid a dollar per post at week’s end. I do not propose to do that, but will continue to post on my own blogs.

Another warning has to do with cats. I always understood that bunnies were highly prolific. Their rate of procreation, I was given to understand, exceeds all other known lifeforms. They lied to me. Cats have to be right up there in reproductive capacity with the rabbits.

One day we had a small, grey tiger cat follow us home. His ribs were sticking out, and he mewed pathetically (obviously cats have survival skills). We began putting out some inexpensive kibble for him once a day.

After awhile, he had some friends come along for the banquet. One in particular is a pretty little calico. She was only a kitten when she joined Tigger E. at the food bowl. We started calling her Molly G.

Molly G. grew up, and Tigger E. noticed. The next thing we noticed was the Molly G. was putting on quite a bit of weight. It turned out that she had given birth to two kittens whom we never saw until they were fully grown.

Soon a gray and white tom showed up. He has no tail, and my husband named him Tommy Tuttle. (Do you see a pattern here?) Soon Tommy and Tigger were cozying up to Molly, and soon her sides began to expand again.

Before the next litter was born, our neighbors stated that all of the cats are their cats. Someone needs to tell the cats because they are using our sandy Florida front yard as their own personal litterbox.

The “new” litter has one kitten that looks almost full-blood Siamese (except for the faint stripes on his tail). One kitten looks like an orange point Siamese (not that there is such a thing, just sayin’). There is a tuxedo, and and all black cat. At this point my memory is getting hazy.

Add a couple of cats who are obviously well-fed who come by occasionally, and I’m ready to go looking for the chalk mark left on our house by some hobo cat.

I have a very good friend who has admonished me to get them all fixed. Right. The no-kill shelter has no room. The other shelter charges you for taking them in–and in all likelihood they would be put down within a week.

Our dogs all think the cats are great. Some of them are even friendly with the dogs, and go on walks with us. But don’t even talk to me about rabbits.

So, consider yourself warned. I now know how those old ladies you read about occasionally in the newspaper who have 43 cats in the house got started.

The last warning is that you should remember to put the lid on the chili powder before you start waving the container away.

[Moderator’s edit: The adsense was disabled awhile ago for several reasons. One, I had no real control over what was being advertised, and I simply did not like some of the ads. Two, it’s a painfully slow way to earn money. And, three, I have some issues with asking people to come read my blog if I’m making money on eveyr hit. That’s just me. I may, at some point, do something similar, but for now, I’m letting it be.]


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2 Responses to Caveats, cautions, admonitions, forewarnings

  1. HiddenJewel says:

    Good tip about the chili powder. 😉 If only I'd had the info about cats a little sooner. We have 4 plus a visiting Tom. Ours started with a little Mama wanting to get away from the crowd at the neighbor's house. Now she's making her own crowd. At least we're not letting them take over the house. Yet. 🙂

  2. Rehoboth says:

    We have a strong line of demarcation in reference to the growing feline soup kitchen. It is at the front door and runs all the way around to the back door. Unfortunately, the news that Sarah moved out with her cat, and the rumor that there is now a vacancy for some fortunate one seems to be circulating rather persistently.

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