Post 9-11 Ramblings

We recently watched the movie about Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania that day, and it brought back to me all of the grief, shock, uncertainty, and horror of September 11, 2001. I first learned of it in my friend’s living room where she had it on the TV when I went over to drop my son off. She was going to care for him because my father had died on September 9th, and my brother and I were driving from Florida where we live to Delaware where my dad’s funeral was to be held.

That felt like a never-ending week. The quiet of no planes flying. The sense of loss on so many fronts at once. The smoking Pentagon as w e drove by it. Inability to contact loved ones because the phones were unavailable.

I’m not sure what we may have learned, and what we are learning. Life as we knew it is over. We live in a more suspicious, less trusting culture. Getting on a plane to travel has become a complex, complicated procedure. Our privacy has been compromised in the name of “security.”

It’s very difficult now to find an employer who will talk to you face-to-face when you are applying for a job. More often it is an online application, and there is no way to talk to HR to plead your case. If your stats are reasonable, you may get a phone interview. Maybe. If they are not, you might get an email telling you “Sorry about your luck.”

In fact, I’m not certain that the Internet has not changed our lives more profoundly than 9/11. People socialize via “social utilities” such as FaceBook, blogging, online communities, and Twitter. If you can call that socializing. You can order whatever you want online and have it delivered to your door. You can read the news, watch movies, play virtual games with other people, “attend” church, send cards and gifts, listen to the radio, online; via Google World you can almost stalk or spy on people anywhere in the world.

Somehow this interaction, (more like lack of interaction) imho, is not at all satifying on a personal level. Somehow, I feel as though Jesus has something better for His beloved.


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