After the Rain

This morning I awoke to see faint light outside the window. After two days of rain, one of them torrential, flood-causing rain, to promise of sunshine lifted my spirits. I’m thankful for the respite in weather, and in life today. I know that there are rugged days ahead, but today I am determined to live in this moment that God has given me.

I’m working my way through my fourth round of RV articles. It’s not such drudgery anymore. So far, I’m keeping up with the milestones (even though I still forget occasionally to click on the milestone on the Divas website). Someone suggested that I take my articles to a local company to show them what I can do, and ask them to let me test drive some of their inventory. That might not be a bad idea.

We watched Tuesdays with Morrie last night. I put it on our Netflix queue awhile ago. Hubby and I both shed some tears at the end – that’s a first for my husband. Now, I want to get my hands on the book since my experience with movies is that they leave out (by necessity, I suppose) a lot of the things that make books worthwhile for me.

Breakfast this morning at the Dam Diner. Why do I enjoy writing that so much? 😉


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