Don’t They Teach Logic Anymore? Deconstructing a Facebook Status

A rash of reposted status “updates” regularly flood Facebook. Many of them are relatively benign, some are silly, and others are mystifying. There is a certain type of post, though, that makes me feel manipulated and bullied. Take this one, for instance:

Why do we sleep through church but, stay awake for a 3-hour movie? Why is it hard to pray but so easy to curse? Why is it so hard to repost a godly bulletin but easy to repost the mean ones? Why can people worship a celebrity, but not God? Gonna ignore this? Afraid to get laughed at? I bet 80% of you won’t repost this. The Lord said “If you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you in front of my father.”Saturday at 11:16am · LikeUnlike · Comment

Why do we sleep through church? Actually, there are reasons other than the disrespect that is implied in this question. Some people work night shifts, and decide to attend church before they attend to their own need for sleep. Perhaps depression is making someone nod off. Or, maybe they need to find a different church. I know someone who consistently fell asleep in nearly every church service for many years. Then this someone found a church that preaches the Gospel without a side serving of shame and condemnation, and hasn’t fallen asleep in church once since. I’ve never fallen asleep in church myself, but some services I probably should have. 😉

As far as sitting through three-hour movies, really? I have never sat through a three-hour movie without getting up and visiting the little girls’ room. Sometimes I have to get up and move around after an hour at a movie. And that person who so often fell asleep in church? Yeah, that person also falls asleep during movies.

Why is it hard to pray? Seriously? I guess it depends on how complicated you think prayer might be. For me, it’s talking to my Abba, the Person who loves me more than anyone else does, and to Whom I owe my life in the now and in the hereafter. Talking to Him isn’t hard. The listening, however, can be a challenge. Being still, and waiting to hear from God is not the great American pastime, but it can easily be learned.

Why can people worship a celebrity, but not God? Good question. Here’s another one: Why do you think that posting bullying, manipulative FB status updates will draw people to the Lord Jesus Christ? I’ve been through the Bible a number of times, and never once found Jesus manipulating people into obedience – if you can call being bullied and threatened into reposting a status update obedience.

I don’t have any trouble posting God-honoring updates. I just choose to ignore stuff that strikes me as vain repetition. There are more productive, God-glorifying ways to spread the Gospel if that is your goal. If you listen carefully, He will be always telling you what they are.


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5 Responses to Don’t They Teach Logic Anymore? Deconstructing a Facebook Status

  1. The words of Jesus are never hearsh, condemning or bring guilt or shame. Thank you for hearing his heart through this post…

  2. I agree. Some people self-impose their brand of righteousness. Others try to cram it down the throats of everyone else. Jesus did none of that. Great post, Susan.

  3. Susan: have to agree with Julie on this. Never are the words of Jesus to his children harsh. I only see His harshest statements reserved for the "religious elite," the ones who didn't think they needed him. Ugh! As for FB, I am not on it so can't speak about it. but I despise manipulation. (I came by way of Julie's blog)

  4. Rehoboth says:

    Bill I agree: Jesus only lowered the boom on those who 1. thought they had it all together, and 2. who were also abusing the sheep. Julie, Diane, Bill – thank you all for stopping by. You have encouraged me. As for FB, I am taking a self-imposed break for awhile. I imagine that at some point I will go back, but I need some wisdom in using it.

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