Digging Out

No, I’m not talking about snow! It’s been cold here in north central Florida, but no, the cold wet stuff hasn’t shown up on our steps – yet. I’m talking about going through the “stuff.”

I’ve been following the FlyLady off and on for years. She says that you can’t organize clutter, you can only get rid of it. If you don’t, it will strangle you. And, I’m beginning to get it, and today I have done several  of FlyLady’s “27-fling Boogies.”

I opened drawers, and closets that I have ignored for years, and realized that part of my reluctance to “woman up” and face them was all of the emotionally charged memories. There were projects that I had worked on at a church I attended for nine years – that last half of those year became increasingly painful as I tried to keep up with homeschool, care giving for my mother, and a full time job as well as the many church ministries (because I was taught that you can never stop doing a ministry once you begin it). I organized the paperwork related to caring for my mother before she passed away last spring – bittersweet memories, those. Then I shredded numerous files from the job that wore me out from which I was fired from because I was trying to “do it all.” Papers from homeschooling, graduations, showers, weddings, new grandchildren have all been fluttering around. Not to mention the long lost owner’s manuals for various appliances – some of them long gone to wherever defunct appliances go – just in time for me to see how the self-cleaning oven works on the stove we were given five years ago.

My filing cabinet drawers now close all the way (though there is still stuff in there that I need to fling). The person who takes the trash to the recycling place will have a few choice things to say about it, I’m sure. But my spirit feels lighter. It’s debilitating to have to say, “I know it’s in here somewhere, but I have no idea where it is.” Sometimes you just gotta do one of those 27-fling boogies before the “stuff” chokes you to death. I’m sure I can apply this in other areas of my life. FlyLady was right. Sometimes you just need to let go.


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