Feelin’ Groovy

 I’ll be the first to admit 
that I have allowed my life to get overcrowded. I chronically overbook myself, and end up exhausted, or disappointing someone I care about because of, as my dad used to say, trying to fit twenty pounds of crap into a ten pound bag. At some point, I get the desperate feeling which makes me think about finding a cave, and hiding in it for an undetermined amount of time. This creates an incredible amount of stress in my life. Well, it’s time for me to get off the Bullet Train, and climb aboard a slower, gentler vehicle. Last week, I found that my blood pressure is at an unhealthy level; something has to change.

Oddly enough,  
I was always the one with the really low blood pressure. But, to a series of stressful years, add life changes that come with the lengthening years, and my hopes of beating the family weakness were dashed.

So, I did what any self-respecting firstborn would do: 
research. I’m going the route of lifestyle change to see if it can be managed without medication. Diet came first (please tell me I won’t miss the salt after awhile), and exercise came right after that. Included is daily time to just be still, and listen in case God has something to tell me. I plan to get my daughter’s bike out, fill up the tires, and start riding again. They say you never forget, and I hope that is true. And, slowing down. Finally, I have what I can allow myself to accept as a legitimate reason to just say “no.”

Yesterday afternoon,  
I spent some time with my daughters and granddaughter. It is such a blessing to have them all nearby. My granddaughter has a gift for making me smile, laugh, and she encourages me to act very silly. 
I chose to destress by driving home 
by back roads where the speed limit never exceeded 45, and generally moseyed along at 30 mph. I could feel the tenseness in my muscles begin to relax. I love the Florida wilderness where we live, and you never know which of God’s masterpieces you may see along the way. One morning three years ago, a Florida black bear ran across the road in front of me in the dawning light. Often in the half light we see deer along the highway. This evening, the sun was kissing the tops of the trees goodnight with the sweet rays of somewhere between light and twilight. I passed farms, groves, rustic homes, and one lone steer out in the field grazing.

At home
our feral cat community, our own deaf seal-point tortie, and our dogs greeted me with great joy and hunger. The perfect end of the day.

What works best for you when you need some down time?


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4 Responses to Feelin’ Groovy

  1. I read, I write, soft music, snuggling my babies…these are all things that give me peace deep in my soul. Praying for your peace and overall silliness. Di

  2. Rehoboth says:

    Thanks, my much appreciated friend. I loved your post on your Momma. I will comment on it soon because it rocks.Writing is a great way to destress – even if it's something no one else will read.

  3. Even your de-stressing strategies are work…trying a new diet..exercise. Meh! Why don't you try what your little granddaughter does…climb into Abba's lap and take a nap. He's got it covered. Your the child, He's the parent…and His eye is on the sparrow, I know He's watching you…

  4. Rehoboth says:

    Good idea, Chris. I'm sure that will help the emotional distress. Some of it is just plain physical due to being on the other side of menopause. I've always been wound too tight, but it wasn't until after menopause that the bp soared through the roof. Walking isn't a punishment for me. I love walking. We live out in the woods. I just always felt that it was more important to do stuff that I can't even remember what it was anymore. The food is another story as well. If you have read some of my posts on unhealthy churches, you know I'm still detoxing from that. They say it takes seven years. Thank you, though, that was an excellent reminder. I needed that.

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