Dirt Under My Fingernails

We had some bracing weather yesterday – at last. Our dogs felt frisky, and I was energized, and wanted to be out of doors enjoying it. One of my weaknesses has always been to overdo projects, and in aid of not driving everyone crazy, I am learning that sometimes good enough is truly good enough. Reaching for the stars is okay, (but insisting on not giving up until I’ve actually licked one) tends to weary those around me. And generally speaking, those projects end up abandoned due to my fear that I can’t finish them perfectly.

So, with my garden, as well as with my housekeeping, I am learning moderation, and finding projects are much more enjoyable. I have several small raised bed boxes, none of which were planting ready yesterday. I did, however, have some tomato plants, a friendly offering from one of our neighbors. My first thought was, we need to get all of the boxes worthy of having things planted in them. Stop. We only needed one for yesterday.

We drove to our local hardware store, and bought some top soil, and Black Kow manure. It didn’t even break the bank. This “good enough” philosophy is not only less stressful, it’s cheaper!

My husband dumped the ingredients into the box, and we spread it evenly the length of the box. Then, I tucked the seven hardiest of the tomato plants into their new bed. The feral cats found this inexhaustibly fascinating – at least until I got the hose out and they discovered that I might be a little overzealous with the watering. 


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