Punished for Buying Only One

I have been shopping at a health food/supplements store for a number of years. One of the things I’ve always appreciated has been the great customer service. Another thing has been the 10% off on their products on Tuesdays.
Yesterday, after work, I went to pick up my calcium supplement, Calm. I went yesterday, because it was Tuesday, and I was expecting a 10% discount.
The cashier told me that the Calm was “buy one get one half price” this week. I thought it over, but I had budgeted for only one, and did not have enough money to get the second one, even at half price.
I told this to the cashier, and asked her just to give me the usual 10% discount. She said that “Corporate” would not give me the 10% because they consider that Calm is a sale item this week, and they don’t give the 10% discount on sale items.
I have to say that this is the first time I have been penalized for not allowing myself to be manipulated into spending more money than I can afford for something I don’t want two of in order to get a second item for half price. And, yes, it is manipulative and a penalty when “Corporate” will not give the 10% discount to a customer who pays the regular full price, and who expects the regular 10% Tuesday savings. This is not good customer service.
Then when I was pulling out the paper currency, and dropping it on the counter, the cashier accused me of throwing it at her. Yes, I was unhappy. But seriously, throwing the money at her?
I feel disappointed, and angry about “Corporate’s” choice to use punitive measures on a customer by withholding the discount because I did not want purchase a second Calm even at a discount.

And, yes, I do see the irony in this story. 🙂


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