Can you go to church dishonestly?

 From a Facebook status update:

SO . . . how many of you will HONESTLY be in church this CHRISTMAS morning?? or will you open presents meant for YOU and not really celebrate HIM??? comment if you actually plan to worship HIM on HIS birthday (and not celebrate yourself or others)
I listened to this and similar manipulative horse hockey for over 20 years. 
Year in, and year out. It was my “normal.” 
It sucked the life and joy out of me as I tried to live up to what was presented as  biblical exhortation; in reality it was a human attempt to control. 
 In my opinion attending church on Christmas, or any other day, because of being guilted is dishonest 
It violates God’s intention that people would worship Him because they love Him, and want to live in relationship with Him. Pressure may get people’s bottoms into a pew on Christmas Day, but will the underhanded tactics open their ears and hearts to the Holy One? Or will it produce resentment?
I am going to church tomorrow. (Without posting a comment on Facebook.) But no one has guilted me to go.
Jesus doesn’t manipulate us to come to Him. He invites us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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