My Kaleidoscope Week – Good Enough

This has been one of those weeks that make me think of a kaleidoscope. What made this week so interesting was that I was wearing so many “hats.” A few years ago, a week like this would have knocked me silly for at least a week. I would have worked hard to be perfect and to please everyone in every section of the “kaleidoscope.” God has been so gracious. He is teaching me that, in any given situation, just doing the best I can at the time is “good enough.” 
Monday was filled with laundry, changing sheets, and trying to cook ahead a bit because the end of the week would not allow for much time in the kitchen. I had plans to bake some brownies, and make some bread. Oh, yes, and take down the Christmas tree and put the Christmas decorations away until next Thanksgiving. Some of it got done. A lot of it did not.  Our living room is trapped in December 25, and the stockings are still hung by the chimney with care. I felt the anxiety trying to lift my hair off of my head. Then, I remembered: I did the best that I could, and it was good enough.

As Wednesday approached, I felt the strands of anxiety trying to wrap themselves around my head. I had written my story about my religious addiction for a pastor and fellow blogger to post on his blog. The first draft of that document left me shaking, but I knew I was supposed to do it. So many who read it responded with compassion and grace that supplemented the healing that God had already begun. And no one even mentioned the typos that got past my vigilance and glared at me every time I read it. But, I did the best that I could, and it was good enough.

You would think that by Thursday, I would have thrown off the mantle of anxiety, wouldn’t you? I was going to substitute teach for two days in a private school where I had taught from January 2008 to June 2009. Teaching is challenging under the best of conditions, and it was one life event right after another the whole year. The case might be made that trying to make a wedding gown for my daughter might have made things a tad more challenging – and it was, so much more than I could have foreseen. Once I was in the classroom, though, I felt at home. I had fun with those middle school students, and I did my best. It was good enough.

Today, I expected to be exhausted, but I had slept an unprecedented ten hours, which left me feeling a bit groggy. I needed to get some groceries, and felt a bit anxious. My dearly beloved husband volunteered to help me, and together we did our best. And even though I forgot to put foil on the list, 
               it was still good enough.
              How do you handle those kaleidoscope weeks? 

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2 Responses to My Kaleidoscope Week – Good Enough

  1. I always have foil, should you wish to borrow some. One never knows when it will be necessary to quickly make a tinfoil hat to keep the government satellites from monitoring your brain waves.Seriously. Just ask Diane.And while are tinhats aren't perfect, we do our best…and it's good enough.Excellent post!!

  2. Rehoboth says:

    I probably need a tinfoil hat – Thanks for coming by, Kevin. 🙂

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