“Do you want me to send you back to where you were? Unemployed? In Greenland?”

Well, it’s not exactly Greenland, it’s Florida. And, it isn’t me. It’s my dearly beloved. No, not the picture, my unemployed husband. It’s amazing how you can take things for granted over a long period of time. Like income. You know?

He went in to work on January 2, and was immediately sent home. His boss found somebody who would do the work on the cheap. Then, my husband had to train her over the phone. Fun? You betcha. NOT!

I’d like to tell you that I’ve reached a plain of spirituality here, where I could take it all in my stride and meet each day with a smile. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Some days I’m really ticked off. Other days, I morph into something vaguely resembling Miss Piggy with a rock in each hand.  I guess we’re still working through the grieving process.

There is a long list of things for which I am profoundly grateful. One of them is our kitten, George Bailey. He was part of our feral cat colony. We formally adopted him during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. He has an endless capacity to to make us giggle and guffaw. I’ve never seen a cat chase his tail by doing somersaults and back flips in vain attempts to get hold of the thing!

But, near the top of the list are my encouraging friends. They listen to Jesus, then they pass along His wisdom added to love. Sometimes, they just listen. Other times, they make me smile or laugh. Or cry. Some of them are going through more difficult passages than I am, and have been going through them for a much longer time. I am thankful for each of them.

How about you? Have you been through or are you going through a tough time? 
How do you cope with it? Leave a comment!


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4 Responses to “Do you want me to send you back to where you were? Unemployed? In Greenland?”

  1. Ann says:

    praying for you both

  2. Rehoboth says:

    Thank you, Ann. 🙂

  3. Rehoboth says:

    Thank you, Mr. Spencer. I just now found your comment.

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