An Interesting Lunch Box

Controlled burns help stamp out forest fires

The smoke

There have been numerous fires in our area. The ground is parched. The rain has been scarce to non-existent. Where there’s fire, there’s smoke. Where there is smoke, respiratory difficulties abound.

The borrowed boy

On Tuesday of this week my borrowed boy began to cough. It was a hard, dry cough but it didn’t sound critical to my seasoned mother ears. By Wednesday evening it definitely had that barking seal thing going on. I began to prepare myself mentally for a trip to the doctor. Thursday it was time.

Click here if you don’t know what a borrowed boy is.

 The prescription muddle

It was the shortest doctor visit I’ve ever experienced and it was well that we went because the smoke had created more than one problem. The doctor told us he was calling in two prescriptions to the pharmacy and we headed in that direction.

When we got there the pharmacist insisted that there was only one prescription, and no paperwork for the second one. He was ready to walk away, but heeded my please to call the doctor’s office. It was their lunch hour. I pulled out my pouting face.

Here’s where the lunchbox comes in

 It was nearly one o’clock when my tummy started grumbling in sync with my face. My boy was hungry, too. We decided to walk to the Dunkin’ Donut store next to the pharmacy and get a sandwich. A smiling, hefty young man sashayed up to the counter and asked for our order. Only he sang it. He repeated each item we ordered in the same melodic manner and looked like he was having the best time ever!  He managed all of that without being obnoxious! The best part? His name tag read: Lunch Box. Yep, that’s what he goes by.

When we got back to the pharmacy, we picked up the other prescription and came home. I smiled all the way home. Never tell me that one person cannot make a difference.


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8 Responses to An Interesting Lunch Box

  1. Sarah says:

    Must be a writing sort of day =) I love to meet up with people who have obviously found their calling. It doesn't hurt if they're extroverts, too!

  2. Annn says:

    I want a place to click like

  3. Thank you for the reminder that one person can make a difference. It is a wonderful encouragement to find a person joyfully embracing life.

  4. >Singing<An excellent post,to you I toast,to joy from sorrow,with the boy you borrowed.From Doctor,to Pharmacist,and a singing counterman,who could resist?A joyful post,a happy clarion,from the Florida,county of Marion.

  5. Rehoboth says:

    You have that correct, Sarah.

  6. Rehoboth says:

    I'm glad you liked it, Ann. You would have enjoyed being there.

  7. Rehoboth says:

    Thanks, Jolene. You too have the gift of encouragement.

  8. Rehoboth says:

    Bubba Kev, you have outdone yourself this time.

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