Change does not come easily for me. Generally, I strongly resist modifying the way I do things. When, however, the way I have been doing things tips the brings more frustration than it is worth, I start looking around. My other blog got to that frustrating point. People were unable to post comments for no apparent reason. Then, I could no longer post comments on the blogs of other people who use Blogger. So, I took a deep breath, and made the change to WordPress.

One of the reasons I had not moved to WordPress before was that I looked it over several years ago, and decided that it was too complicated. Having now set up a blog here, I will say it is more challenging. Happily, WordPress has good tech support, even for the freebie blogs like mine. If I were rich instead of good-looking, I’d probably get a paid blog. Maybe some day. Meanwhile, I plan to move all of my Blogger posts over here. Tech support said it is possible.

This year has presented a number of challenging changes. My husband’s employment situation seems to have settled down for awhile, and now I’m the one unemployed. There is always something, isn’t there? Maybe learning my way around a new blog template won’t be all that difficult. 😀

How do you feel about change? What helps you make the transition?


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  1. Debbie Morgan says:

    Change is the beginning of a new adventure because of Jesus. I love dancing with God.

  2. Welcome to wordpress! Ironically, before today I would have said I love wordpress and have had no problems. Today I woke up and all the “pages” on my blog, the titles across the header, have disappeared. Just gone. Bizzarre. Even my techy friend who helps me is baffled. Still, welcome. Hope you have great blogging adventures here. I’ll be back.

    • Thanks for commenting, Heather. I guess “glitches” are the norm in electronic communication. I appreciate your blog – I grew up in a family of “dry” alcoholics. It has taken me years to unlearn a lot of my coping behaviors. I’m glad you are writing about your life. I already passed one of your posts to a former student of mine who is currently in a halfway house, and she liked it. Can’t recall which one – several weeks ago.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I was only thinking about this earlier today. When we ‘conquer’ something new, we think it is awesome, and tell everyone to try it, yet that infernal first step kept me from blogging for two years!! I kept visiting the ‘Set up your Blog Now’ Page and getting an anxiety attack by paragraph 2! Glad to be here sharing this change! Well done!

    • Thank you for stopping by – I will check out your blog very soon – had company all weekend, so haven’t been on. I’m looking forward to seeing your blog.

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