Guest Post: George Bailey’s Adventure

In honor of Cat Month, George steps up to the computer to tell you about his exciting morning.

A Little History

You may know that my human mommy brought me into the house around Christmas time last year. I was part of a feral colony that lives in her yard. From the time I could toddle I followed her and the dogs that live in her house  every time they came outside. It was love at first sight on my part. I showed them all the love I could, hoping to be able to get closer to them.

Right around Christmas time, some big dogs came around and chased all of us. I survived, but my grandmommy cat did not. The dogs murdered her. She was a favorite of my human mommy, and my human mommy grieved deeply for her. Finally, my human daddy thought it would be good to bring me into the house. It was a dream come true. I even have a godmommy person now! Since then, I have grown and grown much like Topsy. From a six-pound kitten at Christmas, I am now a Cat to Be Reckoned With that weighs 15 pounds.

This morning

Early this morning my mommy went out for a walk. I went on my morning chores of pestering the dogs and the bird. Then I took up my vigil on the wide window sill in the morning room. I like to watch the cats outside. It’s kind of like TV. This morning, though, the TV became reality.

My mommy had done a load of wash before she went out. The shaking of the rickety washing machine had unlatched the door. As I watched the door, it opened a little more, and in came Molly Too. She was named for my grandmommy, Molly, and looks very like her. Right after her came her litter mate, Blues Clues. Adventurous, they are. Especially since there are two dogs in the house.

I took them on a tour of the facilities, and watched them explore. The dogs just looked at them. Molly and Blue were amazed by my room, and litterbox. I didn’t show them where my kibble was, though, because shortly after that, my mommy came in the front door. Molly Too heard her come in, and all I could see of Molly was a torty streak as she hit the back step running. Mommy laughed and closed the door. She did not know that Blue was still in the house.

Mommy went back to my own room, and there was Blue. She was surprised again! Blue wanted nothing to do with my mommy. My mommy wanted Blue out of the house but couldn’t figure out how to get the poor baby out from under the bed while two dogs watched closely. I wanted to try to help, but Mommy put me in another room and closed the door. Then she put the dogs in a separate room and closed that door. Mommy opened the back door a wee crack and then slowly, carefully slid a broomstick under the bed near Blue. Blue ran out and down the steps.

I saw them a short while ago from the window, and they do not seem the worse for their adventure.

Thank you for reading my blog post. Leave a comment if you like.

Here I am at six months.


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7 Responses to Guest Post: George Bailey’s Adventure

  1. Merrow thank you, Ms. Jolene.

  2. Elizabeth Signer says:

    Fun! We should build forts next time!

  3. Ann says:

    I notice that when the door opened they came in not you went out. Good wisdom Mr. Bailey.

  4. Joanie says:

    This exactly what my Odie looks like! He is my true companion–follows me, sleeps with me, and now even talks to me! He and George Bailey would be buds!

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