Wherein I Visit with a Friend

Abandon hope all you who enter here.

Abandon hope all you who enter here.

This morning I rolled up my Facebook account and went dark for a yet undetermined length of time. Not because anyone on there upset me (which is why I have rolled it up in the past) but because I realized how much of my time this not so innocuous social network takes up. Since I’ve been at home so much, I’ve been spending far too much of my day on the old time suck, Facebook.

I have used many justifications for the amount of time I have been spending on FB. “I have friends on there that I can’t meet with in real life. ”   “I’m home by myself so much of the time and I get lonely and need some human interaction.” “I need be on FB to post and to get my blog read.” And, of course there is always, “I’ll only be on here for ten minutes.”  It has all of the earmarks of an addiction and I don’t like that.

There are other things I dislike about it, but the main thing is I don’t like the way it is shaping me and my life. For instance, I have always enjoyed hands on projects like cooking and sewing, crocheting or going on long walks, reading and writing. In the last year, I’ve done very little of any of that. I read, but not as much as I used to do. The rest of these activities have been curtailed by those ” only ten minutes” that I always plan to be on FB. Life is not balanced when you don’t know what sopaaportuguesato do with yourself  when FB is down.

And so it begins. After I made some laundry detergent this morning, I made a kettle of Portuguese Soup. A friend and her son came over for lunch, and we had the soup with some bread and cheese. She brought honey tangelos for dessert. We talked and laughed until she went home. We have a plan for our next visit, too. We’ll be checking out the children’s room at the library to see what’s new. My younger daughter and I want to work together on some children’s books. We thought my friend might be a good person to do the illustrations.

This evening I plan to  make some gluten free bread, and time permitting, talk to a friend in Georgia. It’s been a good day.

Are you on Facebook? How has it shaped your life?


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8 Responses to Wherein I Visit with a Friend

  1. Betty Draper says:

    FB does eat up a lot of time….would rather have a face to face relationship with those I blog with…someday in heaven. Good post, something to think about…Blessings

  2. Kevin Spencer says:

    Wow. Excellent, Susan.
    Uhmmm….How do I get back to Facebook from here?

  3. Debbie Morgan says:


    • “I struck the board, and cried,’No more. I will abroad.’ What? shall I ever sigh and pine? My lines and life are free; free as the road, Loose as the wind, as large as store.”

      – George Herbert
      ‘The Collar’

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