Wherein my Daughter Reminisces

An excerpt from my daughter’s blog today. Click on this link to read the whole thing.

“The Hans Herr House was not the only structure on the property. There is a working apple orchard, a smokehouse, a bake oven, a blacksmith shop, a kitchen garden and various other displays. I helped out with the bake oven a couple of times, but my favorite place to help was with an older lady who demonstrated making butter. Churning butter on top of a table so people could see was not easy, but the samples of fresh made butter were phenomenal!

Lunchtime was also popular with me because all the volunteers got some still hot sausages from the smokehouse. I don’t think I have ever tasted anything so tremendous. I would also visit the house where they were demonstrating making gumbas–a layered casserole with cabbage, sausage, apples, and ham. Sounds weird, but it was so delightful!”


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