Why Start a New Blog?

You might be curious as to why I thought I needed a new blog. Curiously enough, my other blog has been overrun by my Portugal posts, and sometimes, curious as it may seem, I think other thoughts and wish to post other ideas.

So, what you can expect is just about anything depending on which way the wind is blowing and whether or not the sun is shining. It might be about food. I may re-post someone else’s curious thoughts. At times it may be poetry or a made up story sad or glad. Occasionally  it may be as pedestrian as food or books I am reading or have read. It might present a question, or an answer.

Please feel free to ask me questions, give me answers, or just say hello. Even if you are just curious.

curious cat


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4 Responses to Why Start a New Blog?

  1. Kevin Spencer says:

    \o/ /o\ \o/ /o\ \o/ /o\ \o/ /o\ \o/ /o\
    More words, cleverly placed.
    I can’t wait!!!!!

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