Why Introverts Are So Introverted?

I love it when I find a fellow introvert who supports who we are!

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I have been thinking I was an extrovert for 26 years. Partially because I have always been receiving signals from everywhere and everyone telling me “introverts are worse than extroverts”. It took me a while to figure out the difference and start valuing introverts as much as extroverts. In other words, introverts are no better or worse – they are different.

 As we all know (I assume), extroverts are the ones who are always bubbly, surrounded by million of friends and feel guilty if stay at home and do “nothing” for too long. Introverts on other hand are often seen as anti-social, self absorbed and … weird. Extroverts are loved by everyone and noticeable everywhere, they are loud and fun and everyone wants to be with them. Introverts are quite, don’t have many friends and no one really notice them. Extroverts become successful business people (do they?), managers and leaders…

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