Be Careful What You Ask For….


After all of my children  left home, I looked around and asked myself, “Where did all of this stuff come from and why is it still here?” It got on my nerves. I asked my kids to come get their stuff, and they did. At least the stuff they wanted. Which was about one eighth of all of the stuff. I longed to simplify my life.

Then, Entropy moved in. He began by killing both our washer and dryer in the space of a week. We went to a second hand store and replaced both. Unfortunately, the washer is possessed. When the spin cycle starts, it makes everything in the house dance like a Zumba class.

The next thing to succumb to Entropy was our air conditioner. We bit the bullet and got another one because summer in Florida is not pretty, and we are  wussy. We nearly lost it shortly thereafter; it was the same year that the druggies were stealing copper.

Last summer, Entropy started messing with the appliances. He took out my dishwasher in July. I felt a twinge of regret, but it is just the two of us most of the time. After awhile I remembered how I always enjoyed day dreaming while I was doing dishes.

The next thing Entropy took was the microwave oven.  It died with a gentle sigh. I felt like I had lost a hand.  Slowly, I began to remember to turn on the oven and get the potatoes in there early. I cleaned out my tea kettle and discovered it doesn’t take much time to boil water for a hot drink. And, hot water in a pot with another container inside will warm up leftovers.

The latest victim of Entropy is our television. The back light on it died. It made watching House quite entertaining; the coloring and weird light made the cast look like aliens in luminous white coats. We haven’t had cable since last September so wasn’t horrible. It’s funny. I didn’t watch TV much, but I missed it for awhile. The upside? We talk. We talk like we haven’t talked since we were newlyweds.

I would like to send Entropy on his way, but it’s nice that in taking away, he has also given so many gifts.


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    So…get out of my head!

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