Are You an Introvert?

This is a good article by Sylvia Dembling, psychologist and introvert. If you are an introvert, it is an affirming post. If you aren’t, it will give you insight into those introvert friends whose actions and behaviors may puzzle you.



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3 Responses to Are You an Introvert?

  1. pricesarah says:

    I loved this! Particularly the one that talked about leaving off in the middle of your sentences because you get bored with them. I so do that! And audience participation — ugh. You have not seen the horrors of it until you’ve been to as many teacher trainings as I have…

    • Susan P says:

      You KNOW I do that. It drives your father crazy. Thanks for coming by, commenting, and reblogging. 😀 Now, if I could just talk to you on the phone.

  2. pricesarah says:

    Reblogged this on Adventures of an INFP and commented:
    My mom posted this article over on The Curious Introvert. The article is definitely worth a read, especially if you suspect you might be an introvert (or you are close to one).

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