Random Memories of July Fourth

old_gloryI was a wee lass when we lived with my grandparents while my dad went to Bible institute. My mom was out working to earn her PHT (Putting Hubby Through) degree. My grandmother cared for me in their absence. On the Fourth we always had a picnic out in the yard with the standard burgers, hotdogs, potato salad….  In the evening just after sunset, my little granny took my hand and we went to sit on one of the benches in the Jewish cemetery across the street from our home. The fireworks were set off on the football field at the high school about a mile away. Even so, for an introvert, they made a lot of noise. We could see only the ones that displayed in the sky, and they were noisy. But I always felt safe with my grandmother’s arm around me.

The next stretch of living with my grandparents began when I was in second grade. This time, Dad was working on getting his college degree. I was in a girl’s club that met near my school in a Reformed Episcopal Church. On the Fourth, all the club members dressed in uniform and walked or rode a decorated bicycle in the Fourth of July parade. I had woven red, white and blue crepe ribbon through the wheel spokes and wrapped it around the handlebars. Afterward we gathered on the high school lawn and ate ice cream.

The Fourth of July we celebrated the year we lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming was one for the books. Friends had come to visit us for about a week. Their kids and ,my siblings and myself decided that it would be a good time to go swimming in the public pool. It had been a chilly summer up till then, but if you can’t swim in July, when can you swim? We suited up, grabbed some towels and walked down the street to the pool. We hadn’t been in the water long when it began to snow.

Do you have any outstanding memories of Independence Day? Please share them with us.


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