Homeschool Memories: Williamsburg Virginia Part II

Part two of my daughter reminiscing about our home school trip to Williamsburg, VA.

The Girl Who Couldn't Eat Anything

After lunch we proceeded to listen to one of the many townspeople. This one was called, “The Notable Housewife.” She pontificated on the difficulties of keeping house back then, the styles of clothing, how she took care of her family when they got sick, and many other details of life. Then we visited the Magazine where I didn’t see much that interested me (not being a weapons type of person) and we headed to see another townsperson called the “Notable Young Lady.” I didn’t find her life as nearly as fascinating as the housewife’s!

The Episcopal Bruton Parish Church was our next stop. This church is 3 centuries old and still holds Sunday services! I was startled by the differences from modern churches. The pews are more like boxes with little doors on them. The more important you were the closer to the front you sat and the more amenities…

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