A Curious Vacation

At the beach, 2008.

At the beach, 2008.

I’m just back from a week at the beach with my two daughters. It was a curious vacation for several reasons, but mainly because I spent some time each day working on a 7000 eBook for a client. Writing vacation aside, it was different from other years that we’ve foregathered by the sea. It was, nevertheless, a good time together catching up with one another, walking in the surf, and with Downton Abbey Season Three. 😀 (Among other activities)

I feel thoroughly blessed to be able to spend that time together. They both certainly have full lives of their own with their own families, and that they take that time out to spend together is a gift. My life has slowed down after frenetic years involving childbirth, homeschooling, moves, changes and other events both wonderful and trying. There were times when I thought that I would never be able to catch my breath.

Well, catching my breath is no longer an issue. It’s more like trying to discipline myself to make the best of the long hours. It is a season of life that gives me time to think – which can be dangerous at times.


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2 Responses to A Curious Vacation

  1. Charleen says:

    Sounds like a great week!

    • Susan P says:

      It was Charleen. I didn’t get in as much reading as I usually do because I had to keep slugging away at the eBook, but it was still nice to be with daughters for the week.

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