A Recipe for Making Cats

Just what I needed this morning…

The Blessing of Animal Companions

The post today is in response to a writing challenge that caught my fancy…a recipe for making ourselves or something else. My something else is a cat.

A Recipe for Making Cats

½ cup of independence
1 cup of attentiveness
A heaping handful of curiosity
A smidge of hunger seasoned with a touch of finicky
1 Tbsp of killer instinct
2 cups of affection
3 Tbsp of curmudgeonliness
Playfulness, as much needed to hold everything together

Purring sounds
A swishing tail
Alert whiskers
Sharp claws (a must…do not remove claws)

Blend well and let the mixture rise in the midst of a catnip patch filled with toys, feathers, and a soft bed. Pet under the chin, on cheeks, and behind ears as often as possible. Avoid petting the stomach area.

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