Ten Myths About Introverts

This article is a myth buster!


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6 Responses to Ten Myths About Introverts

  1. I love this article. My niece is an introvert and these describe her personality completely!!!

  2. Reblogged this on Freedom Literature and commented:
    This is a very interesting article about Introverts. #myth #buster

  3. Most people think I’m a bit weird… While reading this I found out I’m absolutely normal!
    What’s wrong with liking to be alone, having lunch with a book, or going for walks or the movies by myself?
    Even some of my friends find these things strange!!! But don’t you have anyone to go with you (they ask)? I have plenty of people wanting to go or be with me… but sadly for them I’d rather do these things alone most of the time.
    Of course I also like to socialize, I have enough friends (goood ones), I also like going to weddings and other social gatherings, but there is a limit in the amount of time I’m able to spend at those… or I go nuts.
    I crave for silence… . I don’t like crowds. I like to think.
    Great to know there are lots of people like me.

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