Organizing: One of my favorite things

If only organizing were contagious…

The Girl Who Couldn't Eat Anything

I have always loved organizing. In fact when I went back to reread my journal for some ideas for my Homeschool Memories posts I found more than one entry that said, “I cleaned my room today. My side of the room is neat and tidy. My sister’s is not.” That was usually the case during the times we shared a room.

I learned that not everyone is able to see clutter like I can. Something I am still learning about organizing is that the less you have the easier it is to organize everything. This is really the key to simplifying and organizing my house and life right now. For instance recently I realized that we weren’t using the set of glasses we got as a wedding present. So I got a box and packed all the glasses into it. It’s been months now and I have missed them a…

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