Ten Fun Things to Do

1. Call a friend on the phone, and tell him/her that for the next 15 minutes s/he should not think of canaries.

2. Stand beside an automatic door and ring a bell every time someone enters or leaves.

3. Sit in the lobby at the library and breathe like Darth Vader.

4. Take a walk in a populated area and stand in front of a tree and talk to it in a language you’ve made up.

5. Write an email backward. Like this: .drawkcab liame na etirW. Send it to a friend.

6. Go into a store and see how long you can sustain a British accent before you are caught out.

7. Sit behind someone at a meeting and stare at the back of his/her head until he/she turns around and looks at you.

8. Sit with a friend in the mall. Take a notepad and pencil. Every time someone passes by, confer together and hold up your notepad and make a big production of writing something on it. Make sure the person sees you.

9. Sit down on an outside bench and pretend you are giving a piano concert in the park. Give angry looks to people who are talking loud.

10. Visit some place out of this world like the Professor’s Punchy Lands. By the time you figure out what is going on, it will be too late to dodge the dadblamery.


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9 Responses to Ten Fun Things to Do

  1. This is hilaroius! 😆 I especially like the Darth Vader one, and I mean to try it. (Thanks for the mention!)

  2. Susan P says:

    I thought about it a while because TPL requires a certain kind of dignity when being introduced. And you are very welcome. Who am I to deprive others of Daddy Salami’s shenanigans?

  3. Anna Kochetkova says:

    6. Go into a store and see how long you can sustain a British accent before you are caught out. hahahahaha this is funny! I love English accents :)))

  4. james369 says:

    I shall try #1 immediately. Thanks for making me laugh!

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