George Doing What Cats Do



In June of this year, George had to have surgery. They shaved off his “cat pants” and he was quite embarrassed for some time. As you can see, this marmalade tabby’s pants have grown back in just in time for the cooler weather.

George is now two years old, and has his mommy wrapped around his paw. He tells her when it’s time to clean the litter box, when his food bowl is empty (though due to the post surgery necessity to keep him from gaining too much weight he does not get all he wants). He reminds his mommy when she gives the dogs treats that the cat is also entitled, and in return he allows his mommy to sleep on his bed.

He has even made friends with our alpha male Shih Tzu, Wu. Wu lets him play with his toys, and George is the youngest of our menagerie, which consists of Wu, Teddy (another Shih Tzu) and Mikki, a cockatiel who squawks the alarm when someone approaches the house. George would like to get to know Mikki better, but he’s a bit stand-offish for some reason.


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  1. George is sooo cute! And a boss, it seems! The professor finds it funny that Wu and George are friends, and I’m not sure why.

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