Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear


Teddy Bear 13 years old

Right around Christmas time after Wu came to live with us, Lana told us that his doggy mommy was expecting again. Pebbles wasn’t supposed to have another litter so soon,and she was in precarious health. She delivered a full litter of puppies, but with her health difficulties, she was unable to care for them for long.

This time we went to see the puppies. I figured we were well “vaccinated” and immune to the allure of small wiggly creatures. But my oldest daughter fell into the trap. She petitioned her father who could not resist her plea. Accordingly, when her pick was  old enough, she brought him home.

He was small enough for us to hold him on one hand. His brown puppy hair soon gave way to buff.  And he was a handful for sure. Daughter christened him Teddy Bear.

He was born to be an alpha male, but that job was already taken at our house. So, he took it out on us in other ways. It took him a long time to train him to do his business out of doors. Our carpet bears witness of his lack of cooperation. Eventually, Wu took him in paw and he was potty trained within two months. I would have hated to be Teddy during those training days.

Teddy had endless energy when he was young. As long as a cooperative human continued to throw his ball, he would run after it and bring it back and bark loudly for a repeat performance. When Wu had had enough of Teddy’s sharp bark, he would wait for him to bring it back and then grab it with his mouth and sit on it. No amount of puppy eyes from Teddy moved him.

Teddy loves babies almost more than he likes to eat. When I was babysitting, Teddy hovered around wherever the baby was. He is big, high strung and clumsy at times but always gentle with the little ones. He also loves cats.

He is stubborn. And  hates to get his feet wet in the rain. But lovable just the same. Still, I did not want to deal with more than one dog, so I told my daughter when she left home the dog was going with her. Well, he didn’t. She tried valiantly to make it work, but Teddy was too easily stressed by changes and he was set in his ways.  When Wu isn’t looking, he can be found snuggled up to me.

Teddy is a very smart bear. Teddy is the owner operator of his own company that manufactures Zzzzzzzzzzz. Most of his customers purchase some when they want someone to sleep. They come in a lot of flavors and colors, and he’s always looking for ways to improve the product. If FedEx delivers a box you didn’t order, beware. It may be from Teddy.

What kind of expression do you see on Teddy’s “face?”


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7 Responses to Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

  1. He looks tired! What a great post. And it’s a perfect name for the chap. Does Wu like him a bit now? And do you think George favors one dog over the other?

    • Susan P says:

      Wu keeps him on his toes. He has never disliked Teddy, just had a job to do. The only interest Wu has in George is to make sure he doesn’t catch me giving George kitty massages. He is very jealous. Teddy likes to play with George, and I have seen all three of them curled up and sleeping on the floor.

  2. Susan P says:

    It doesn’t happen often. Yes, Wu IS the boss and if he is challenged he will show the person who is challenging him.

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