Happy 50th Birthday Dr. Who!

dr who

My dad and I liked to watch SciFi on TV when I was young – like eleven or twelve years old young – and we watched Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits and the like. It was part of our father/daughter bond. Mom more often than not went and called a friend to talk to while we geeked out on the shows. 

When I was in college, I got out of the habit of watching TV. From the time I graduated until I moved to Portugal, we spent more time reading together than watching TV. After I moved to Portugal, he discovered the original BBC Dr. Who. He talked about it, sent letters with references etc. It drove me crazy. Just the title of the show annoyed me. The more he pushed it, the less I wanted anything to do with it.

I returned to the US in 1990, and he continued to quote Dr. Who and talk about the TV series. In 1999, I moved to Florida and most of our communication was via email – his almost invariably referenced Dr. Who in his email. Then, in July of 2001, he had back surgery. I had a bad feeling about that imminent surgery. I tried to talk my mom and get her to not sign for it, but she was of the generation that worshiped the medical profession.

My dad had multiple medical issues, and the back surgery set him on a downward spiral. He passed away on September 9, 2001. I wasn’t ready for him to go. He was only 73 years young. We had been close all my life long up to that point (minus the part of Dr. Who). I had nowhere to put that loss and no idea how to deal with the whole thing. So, I put it in a mental box and locked the box for 12 years.

We live out in the boonies of north central Florida. Our daughters recently gave us a Roku and a year of Amazon Prime so we could watch it on the Roku in an attempt to keep us out of trouble. I had been missing my dad – and finally really coming to terms with his death. I have the last few emails he wrote to me before his surgery – printed them out at the time. Of course part of it was about Dr. Who. Around the same the time, I had been checking out the offerings on the Roku, and suddenly in all of his geeky glory, there was Dr. Who. 

So, I started with season 1 of the latest version. (Eventually I want to go back see the ones my dad watched). It took several episodes for me to really get into it. I just finished season four, so I guess you might say I am finally officially a Whovian in the making.


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  1. Sorry about your loss. It’s never easy.

    So, should the professor watch it, then?

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