George Bailey Vents

Razzel-frasit!!!! Dadblame dogs. You won’t believe this! I finally found a place where I could nap in peace. It was right near the window and I could catch some rays when the sun was shining. I even had my stuffed tiger there with me. It was nice and clean, too. There was a nice, clean square of paper in the corner where I had room to snooze. Until this morning. This morning I headed for that corner and it smelled … nasty. Phew! I got a little closer. There on the white square was…eww…one of those dogs had used it for a litter box. Mommy put a clean square down there, but I’m hunting for another safe place to nap. Who knows if the dogs won’t use me for a litter box? hissssssssssssss growl.


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8 Responses to George Bailey Vents

  1. 😆 😆 George, the professor is heartily sorry! But I’m sure Susan will take care of the problem. Which dog was the culprit?

  2. Well, there’s only one answer… Go poo in their doggy dish. Where are you sleeping anyway? Shouldn’t you be recessed from the floor?

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