Wherein I Wish I Loved Christmas (Reblog from last year.)

beautiful-christmas-treeMost of the blogs I read are on top of the season. Facebook is recycling cute posters about Christmas over and over. The stores have been full of bling and tinsel, and their loud speakers  have been spinning marketing the season since before Halloween. Last Sunday was the first day of Advent and the altar in church is now in its Advent vestments.

Last year I got on the band wagon and had the tree and decorations up right after Thanksgiving. It was out of character for me, I’ll admit. And I left them up until way after my husband’s birthday on January 7th – also out of character for me. I usually tear them down on or before January 1st. This year I feel like what my granddaughter  says, “I can’t want that.”

At my house, the tree is still in its box. The electric candles are in the storage bin. The only vestige of Christmas is a resin replica of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. That is out because I keep it on my kitchen window sill all year round.

I’m no Scrooge: I’m not hatin’ on Christmas. There are plenty who do – just do a Google search and see how many articles and blogs appear when you type in, “I Hate Christmas.” That’s not me. But, there are plenty like me. People who, for various reasons, don’t feel all holly-jolly about the approaching holidays and don’t care whether the jingle bells rock or don’t rock. A lot of people get downright depressed during December.

Some are overwhelmed with life in general. Others may have lost a loved one recently. Many people struggle with depression at this time of year. There are multiple reasons why people “can’t want” Christmas. They should be treated gently and be allowed to keep their dignity.

Now, all the rest of you? As I said, I don’t hate Christmas. I wish all of you the kind of Christmas you’d most enjoy. Be blessed.


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8 Responses to Wherein I Wish I Loved Christmas (Reblog from last year.)

  1. Betty Draper says:

    I think I am too much of a realist to really enjoy all the things the world says will make a Merry Christimas. What I do enjoy is getting together with others with the chance our conversation will go to Him. I am reflecting year round about Jesus, just think more about Him as the baby in the straw this time of the year…Easter in Jesus on the Cross, Jesus buried in the toomb, an empty toomb…I don’t think there was any Christmas decorations in the stall where Jesus was born. I think He was close to 2 when the wise men made it to where He was and gave their gifts. This is me presonally, but I think the traditions we have built for this time of the year are what lets us down and that depresses us. Our tradition is all the family together and when that does not happen then I am depressed. Mary or Joseph earthly families were not there when baby Jesus was born. Just a few simple thoughts as I read your post which is very good by the way as you can tell by my response. Blessings.

  2. Thank you, Betty. Yes, I agree with you. I would do much better without all of the hoop-la.

  3. ladycheetah7 says:

    I don’t celebrate holidays but this is my favorite time of the year. No great memories. It is a wonderful time of the year and the only time I can wear my Santa hat. Lol.

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