Top 10 Holiday Cards – 2013 Edition

Love this! Must re-blog. Thanks for a reality check that rocked my morning.

This Labyrinth I Roam

I came down from my room this morning to a delightful conversation. The Aussies had arrived and were wearing jumpers. This is so different to our European visitors who talk about the Bangalore winter like it was a pleasant Summer’s Day.

Dad – I like your hairstyle. What is that thing you’ve used to tie your hair?
Aussie Jr – A hair tie
Dad – A hair toy?
Aussie Jr – A hair tie!!
Dad – A hair toy? Is that like a rubber band for kids?
Aussie Jr – IT’S A HAIR TIE!

This conversation really cracked me up because my dad was being really serious. He was actually wondering if it was an Aussie thing. He is, obviously, oblivious to accents. Which got me to thinking that OMG I haven’t sent out any Christmas presents yet.

Sometimes the way my mind connects stuff is bizarre. I perhaps need…

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