Music Memories Monday – The Little Blue Man

This one takes me right back to my college days. My roommate was 17 years older than I, and I think I learned as much about life from her as I learned in my classes about the subjects. She used to sing today’s Music Memory and taught it to me.

Betty Johnson, the artist who sings on this video, was born in North Carolina into a musical family in 1929. The Johnson Family Singers specialized in religious music, but Betty eventually moved in another direction. Β Her biggest hit was “I Dreamed” in 1956, but one of her most memorable songs was “The Little Blue Man.”

Have you ever heard her singing before?


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9 Responses to Music Memories Monday – The Little Blue Man

  1. πŸ˜† I love the story it tells! I’ve actually never heard this before. The professor would have been scared by the little blue man, too.

  2. Bethy says:

    I love this song! I remember your roomie singing it for us. πŸ˜€ What a great song for a Monday!

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