Music Memories Monday – Vitinho

I’m cross posting on this one on the Introvert and The Portugal Years. Vitinho is an animated creation that was put together by Portuguese Television 2 that came on TV around 9 pm to advise the children it was time to go to bed. Our children knew when Vitinho came on, it was time for bed (if indeed they were still awake).

Below the video are photos front and back of the Vitinho pillow that belonged to my son, and a translation of the words. Enjoy.

It’s time for us to go to sleep

Look out there at the stars

 smiling in their sleep

and early tomorrow

very very early you will see

you will awake stronger and smarter

that means you are growing

Good night

Sweet dreams

Goodby until morning

vitinhoPillow vitinhoEstá na hora da caminha
vamos la dormir,
Vê la fora as estrelas
dormem a sorrir
e amanhã cedinho
bem cedinho, tu vais ver
acordas mais forte e mais esperto
isso é crescer
Boa noite
Sonhos lindos
Adeus e Até amanhã


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  2. I loved that! 😆 Such a nice feeling it gives. And I want a switch on my bed like that to turn off the lights. Very nice.

  3. Oh, and nice new design!

  4. The Dancing Rider says:

    Like the template. Introverts unite! 🙂 Must follow this blog too, now! Loved this, sleepy now! 🙂

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