Music Memories Monday – Kenny G. -a new favorite

Many of my music memories are of the long ago, but today we have a contemporary artist. Kenny G was ten when he first played the saxophone and  17 years old when he began to play professionally. He is definitely not a “one-note”musician, though. R&B was one of the first but his repertoire goes deep and wide. He is the favorite musician of The Professor, who blogs in The Punchy Land. He introduced me to Kenny G and brought up Kenny’s name in all and any situations until I gave in and listened to Kenny. It’s definitely worth the time to listen. If you are interested, here is a link to his bio.

Let me know what you think after you listen to this number!


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14 Responses to Music Memories Monday – Kenny G. -a new favorite

  1. ladycheetah7 says:

    I thought I would listen to it via Google+ but didn’t see the post. I tried via YouTube but it no longer exists.

  2. 😀 😀 😀 I love this…especially the second song. This cat is feeling the groove!

    Thanks, Susan.

    • Susan P says:

      I don’t normally get overly excited about whether or not people comment on my posts. But yesterday I was very unhappy with the dadblame dadblamerie of WP. I’m glad you liked it. You make so many of us smile every week, and I wanted to return the joy.

      • Yes, me too. I think I’m still indignant about it!

        Aw, thank you, Susan. You make me smile every week, too. 🙂

        • Susan P says:

          You sound like Wu. He’s recovering nicely, but every time it’s time to eat he gets indignant all over again about his missing teeth. They tell me he will get over it, but that dog has a long memory.

      • I’d throw a fit if I was him.

        • Susan P says:

          He did throw a fit coming home in the crate. My heart broke. but he’s a survivor and we have discovered that if I put some food on a spoon, he can manage it quite well. He’s not indulged or spoiled or anything, but at his age I know at best he may have four or five more years. When he goes, I will lose a very faithful and loving friend.

  3. The Dancing Rider says:

    Nice! I’ve only known the most popular of Kenny G. Appreciated your entry. And did I tell you I love the title of this blog? 🙂

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