Music Monday Memories – Satchmo

Louis Armstrong was born in one of the poorest and worst quarters of New Orleans known as “The Battlefield.” His father disappeared before Louis was old enough to know him, and his mother had to resort to “the world’s oldest profession” to keep food on the table. Louis fired a gun in the air during a New Year’s party and ended up in a home for wayward black boys. And yet he overcame his unpropitious beginnings and went on to make music that became popular and well known all over the world. If once you’ve heard him sing, you would never forget that wonderful voice. Armstrong also became a pioneer for civil rights.

This is one of my favorites – do you have a favorite of this artist?


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10 Responses to Music Monday Memories – Satchmo

  1. He had a very special voice. It feels like home when I listen to his singing. I love his duet with Danny Kays- When The Saints Go Marching.

  2. Louie! I love his rendition of “Hello, Dolly.” 😀 Nice, informative post!

  3. The Dancing Rider says:

    I’m probably showing my ignorance, but did he sing “What A Beautiful World”? If so, I liked it.

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