Music Memories Monday – March Melodies Molly Malone

Though I’m married to a man who has the blood of two different Scottish clans flowing in his blood, some of my favorite people are Irish, and they do make St. Patrick’s day fun with the traditional Irish tricks, music and fancies. This particular song is a melancholy folk song that has become the “unofficial anthem of Dublin.”

Was there a real Molly (Mary) Malone? Probably not says this website. But, someone similar (or more than one)  may have been the inspiration for the folk song. I can’t imagine any other than the Irish more likely to write it.

Molly’s story has mystified many a school child, and has piqued the curiosity of numerous people. Her song is still being sung now and then. You’ll find “her” in the movie A Clockwork Orange, and in season 1o of M*A*S*H “That’s Show Biz” among others.

Have you heard the song before? When?


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14 Responses to Music Memories Monday – March Melodies Molly Malone

  1. Never heard this before! But I’ve always liked Irish music. You know, the professor was born on St. Patty’s day.

  2. ladycheetah7 says:

    First time hearing it. One thing about Irish music ( trust me I am no expert and my knowledge is limited to the movies) is that their songs festive or no are clear and tell a good story.

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