The Gardenia

The Gardenia

Dedicated to Amy



The whispering wind echoes secrets;

fragrance of the melody of a song of

Everlasting Love setting hostages free.

Taste of that warm gentle joy!
Those in constricted shoes,

inhabit hidden  places

harboring pain.

I was them.


Can you not see?

I was them.

We are made for a higher purpose!


Race the sun through a poppy field!

Gleefully fashion daisy chains.

Sing your song!

Made we are, not to do

but be.


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28 Responses to The Gardenia

  1. Amy Pinkrose says:

    OH, Susan, this is stunning, even reading it again. How I LOVE this and I am SO touched that you dedicated it to me. I can’t wait for the Professor to see this. I am SO proud of you! Keep writing, keep taking photographs. Flow with the Passions from within. As you do, they will astound you where they lead you. YOU are setting YOU free!!! I am doing a song and jig in sheer JOY!!!! I do LOVE you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Susan P says:

      Thank you, Amy. It was your encouragement that set me off this a.m. hunting with my camera and wearing my jammies. LOL. I garnered a few other ones. I am so happy to have a camera again. It’s a point and click, but it has a few good features. XOXO love you, girl!

      • Amy Pinkrose says:

        Well, you keep on taking photos and you will learn how to improve as you go along. Before long, you will be a real pro. Your gardenia is gorgeous, a flower NOT seen here. So how I did enjoy the treat you gave me. *tip* When shooting a flower, make shade for it so it is not in the direct light. Your colors will just jump out at you on your photo. The sun bleaches out the color. I use an umbrella and other things to make shade. Or I shoot in twilight (my fav time of day to take pics) I have lots of tips and lots of tricks. (smile) I figured that all by myself and I will love to share them with you. Oh, YOU made my day!!!!! Love, Amy THANK YOU!

        • Susan P says:

          Thank you. Gardenias, of course, have very subtle shades of white, and smell so sweet. Sometimes almost too sweet. I was working in the early morning and believe it or not, that little gal was in the shade. 😀

          I’m glad it made you rejoice. I have many photos from years of yore, but a lot of life thumped me pretty bad for awhile, and I’m doing much better but still have some days. Hubby and his Asperger Syndrome is a day and a half some days. Thankful for your friendship, Amy. ❤

          • Amy Pinkrose says:

            Susan, believe me when I say this, my camera saves MY sanity. Between my hubs and all the animals I take care of …. my camera really is the means to saving my mind. I think I know what Gardenias smell like. If memory serves me right, I had one for my Senior Prom. Oh my! That WAS a long time ago.

            Please don’t put down your camera again. Please, Susan. With it you will discover miracles and Peace and LOVE. You will HEAL. I know I am. And the words too. THEY are a source of healing as well. Together we walk strong… I tell my cats…..together forever!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

            • Susan P says:

              Thank you. I’m getting that after this morning’s ranging around in my jammies. LOL I was after ONE picture. Just one. The golden sunlight peeping over the gardenias. Then I looked up, and said I need to take a pic of that, and then this…and on it went for the better part of the an hour at which time I recalled that I was galloping around the yard in my pjs! LOL Then nothing would do but to upload them to my desktop, edit them, etc. I didn’t get my shower till around 11, and only then because my son and dil and grand were coming over to bring me lunch and watch Iron Man 3 together. giggle

              My anxiety today is way down, btw.

              I’m thankful for my camera. It was a birthday gift from a precious friend who intended I should buy books, but all of my cameras had died, and finances were not allowing. I knew I was supposed to have a camera, so I didn’t worry about it. I just waited for it to show up! It’s not fancy, but it does help take the edge off of the itch.

              I wrote feature stories for the local rag for a few years and took photos of my subjects. How did I lose that so deeply? Same as my music. I lost (yes lost) my recorder, and just as I was read for it, it showed up again. I used to sew up a storm. It all came apart on me somewhere along the line, but I’m headed there.

              Thank you soooooooooooooo much Amy!

              • Amy Pinkrose says:

                Susan, YOU sound as excited as a little kid! I too lost everything! All I enjoyed I just let go of and life just beat me up. As of last year, I decided to really dive into my photography. And oh how I was laughing as you told me what you did this morning. YES, Susan!!! So what if you are in pj’s. There are times if I didn’t remember to get dressed I would be out in pj’s, and in fact, I have been. Hehehehehehe I am dangerous with a camera in my hand now. Nothing else matters. You GO!!! GO! GO! And don’t stop!!!! I LOVE seeing you like this. You are on fire and I LOVE IT! Susan, you made me the happiest woman alive!!!!! xxxxxx

    • Susan P says:

      Giggling. I live in the Ocala National Forest, and there are a lot of things to snap. Just don’t snap anybody who is involved in moving illegal merchandise.

  2. The Dancing Rider says:

    Beautiful. Words and photo.

    • Susan P says:

      Thank you, DR. Apparently, my photography gene has recovered. I look at this picture, and I can smell the fragrance. Too heavy for indoors, but sweet.

      • The Dancing Rider says:

        Have enjoyed your photos! 🙂 We have gardenia here, and yes it is very heavy scented!

  3. Susan P says:

    Thank you DR! Between you and Amy life is starting to flow again.

  4. Susan, that was awesome! Loved the shot, too. Does that flower attract beetles?

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