Spiderwort – Native Florida Wild Flower

Spiderwort blossom

Spiderwort blossom

Spiderwort is one of Florida’s edible wild flowers. It’s been growing and propagating prolifically in our yard for years. I’ve looked at it, studied it but could never find anyone who could name it let alone discuss it until today. My husband pampered me by not mowing them down, and I still watched and waited.

The name may put off some folks, but this is a people-friendly plant with more to give than you can imagine. I recently told a friend that I hoped to do a bit of gardening this year. It was always my joy, but Florida climate simply will not bend to my northern gardening skills. I gave up all of it a couple of years. Except for three pots of cooking herbs, my garden lay fallow. Today I discovered that the Spiderwort is the beginning of my garden.

Bee on flower

Tradescantia ohiensis (Spiderwort) with a bee to the extreme left of the purple blossom. Hard to see, but it’s there. I had to get closer to the bee than I wanted. 🙂

 Each blossom lives only one day. They are most abundant in the early spring, but bloom all year round. The stems can be braised like asparagus and cooked in soups and stews or added to an omelet. The stems are a salad green that never gets bitter as the broiling Florida summer heats up. The blossoms are edible, and in times past have been “candied” for a sweet treat.

All of that AND the sap can be used for some skin conditions. The feathery insides of Spiderwort turn pink in the presence of radiation. All that’s wanting now is a way to weave it into fabric and make clothes with it.

There is some more info on the Spiderwort here, and here.


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  1. Amy Pinkrose says:

    SUSAN!!!! The glorious colors on this Spiderwort!!! Wowieeeee!!! I would say, oh most certainly, a Faerie has begun to show you magic. Let the show begin!!!! GREAT SHOTS!!!!! Yippeee!!! Let the FUN begin!!!!! Love, Amy

  2. The Dancing Rider says:

    Uncertain if I could eat such a beautiful flower. LOVELY photo!

  3. Now it’s a wonder that it can be eaten! What’s it taste like?

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