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The Professor who blogs in The Punchy Lands included me in some of the dadblamerie that goes on around there throughout this week. I feel honored to be a small part of the fun. Come along and get in touch with your inner Punchy.

The Punchy Lands!

PL Reporter

3rd Edition
12 2014

Welcome to “Southern Comfort” Week!
During this themed week we shall follow Schwarz Tauptinker as he goes on vacation.
[Big thanks to Susan Price for helping out!]


Segment A
Punchy Proverbs

All proverbs are written by V. Shnodgrate unless noted otherwise.

1. It is said, “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” and I tell you that’s true. Nobody was trying to make a right in the first place.

2. Bees that have honey in their mouths have stings in their tails. —English Proverb

3. Every time I say this at a party, it causes a controversy. But it’s true. The war was fought over states’ rights, not slavery. —Mr. Ratherquite

Favorites, PF? The professor favors the second one. See how harsh a bee can be when all you want is honey?


Segment B
Severe Weather Report

“There has been nothing but like 80 tornadoes…

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