At the Beach

The Professor and Schwarz Tauptinker at the beach. Mr. T seems a bit agitated for some reason.

The Punchy Lands!

So, Schwarz Tauptinker and I went to the beach.


While there, I was looking for myself. It’s always good to look for one’s self. I had to go under the water before I found myself. But found myself, I did. (That’s me down there.)


“What am I supposed to do here?” Schwarz asked.

“I don’t know!” I said. “Look for shells. It’s said you can hear the ocean in them—if you listen closely.”

“That’s weird,” Schwarz commented. “I can hear the ocean now.”

And that’s when the professor and Schwarz ran into Susan Price.

“Well, hello,” the professor greeted.

“Professorish Person! You almost walked into my sand sculpture! Oh! You brought Mr. Tauptinker with you. ”

“Oh, rats and a heifer! I didn’t even see it.” And this professor stepped back some–and then some more. “It looks like a raccoon. Very nice.”

“Oh, Professor! That’s not a raccoon! Look…

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  1. It was a great time, Susan. We should have gone boat racing.

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