Gators, Snakes & Bugs–Oh, Dadblameit!

This is yesterday’s story on The Punchy Land. Yes, Florida does harbor a good many creepy-crawlers.

The Punchy Lands!

[The lovely picture was taken by Susan Price—and then somebody did that graffiti thing.]

This professor was about when I ran into Schwarz Tauptinker.

“Hello, Schwarz,” I offered. But I didn’t offer my hand.

“Hey. Just so you know, I’m really…not happy.”

“Why, Schwarz?”

“Because,” Schwarz answered, “I came here to have a chickit vacation. And there’s gators, snakes, and bugs everywhere! Chickit.”

“Hmm, I see. Well, it’s all in how you’re looking at things. For instance, what don’t you like about the gators?”

Schwarz was honest. “I think they walk weirdly.”

In truth, this professor was expecting a different answer. I was thrown off-balance, but only for a slight division of a second.

“Well, Schwarz,” I tried to explain, “everything walks weirdly, don’t you think so?”

“I guess. But nothing walks as weirdly as a snake does!”

At that moment, Bud Parker walked up. “Bud, snakes don’t walk, they slither.”

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