Four Facts to Disgust and Delight You

This was such a fun and interesting post, I’m reblogging it so others can enjoy. Read it – especially if you are considering a cruise.

Tip of My Tongue

It’s Friday. My brain’s fried. But I want an excuse to hang out with you guys, so here are two terrible things and two wonderful things I learned in the last week. This is kind of diabolical, actually – breaking you down only to build you back up. Think of me as boot camp for your mind. YOU’RE WELCOME. Also: “Mister, I’ll make a man out of you!”

Guaranteed to be the hottest guy you've ever seen wearing a bucket-hat.Guaranteed to be the hottest guy you’ve ever seen wearing a bucket-hat.

Moving on.

Thing the first: My husband works with a dude who used to be a cruise ship employee. True fact: the cruise companies have their chefs mix trace amounts of laxatives into almost all the food they serve on board. You can’t have clogged plumbing while at sea, so they diabolically keep everyone “soft and regular” without asking permission. When the Royal Caribbean commercial tells you “the sea is…

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