Music Memories Monday – Living Inside Myself, Gino Vannelli

This is the second of the Professor’s favorite tunes for June, performed by Gino Vannelli. The Professor says: “I think Gino has an awesome voice. Plus, if you watch him perform live, his dancing is just fabulous.” I have to agree with him about the voice. Vannelli is a Canadian song writer, and this song was his second to be on the top ten in the US. He wrote this song and produced it with his two brothers, Joe and Ross.

Vannelli was born in Montreal. His father was a singer, and his mother had, as he put it, a good ear. If you would like to know more about the artist, truck on over here. It’s worth the time to read it.

Another mellow tune, and easy on the ear it is. Enjoy. Tell me what you think.


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6 Responses to Music Memories Monday – Living Inside Myself, Gino Vannelli

  1. Ooo, this is the one with jazzy interludes. But what about his great dancing?

    • Susan P says:

      Wellllll I was behind on my posting, it was late for me and I was just glad to find one of him singing instead of an album cover. I really like the jazzy interludes. He’s pretty cool, actually.

  2. Kevin Spencer says:

    I knew the song, but not the singer. Very cool. And yes, the jazzy interludes are quite the counterpoint to the vocals. Thank you for sharing, and the Professor too.

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