Music Memories Monday: Corner of the Sky

Corner of the Sky is from Pippin, a Broadway musical that is a departure of musical style from the Professor’s first three favorites. And it is a Wow! This writer hasn’t done well keeping up with Broadway since she moved to the Sunshine State so this is a new piece of awesome for her.

The Tony Award winning  show is billed as a “coming of age” story set in the middle ages, and Pippin, the protagonist is trying to find out who he is. Stephen Schwartz and Roger O. Hirson wrote the music and lyrics for this Tony Award musical. Now I’m wondering how long till a movie comes out.  The acrobatics have to be amazing!

Have you seen the show?




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6 Responses to Music Memories Monday: Corner of the Sky

  1. The Dancing Rider says:

    I am very, very dim on all things Broadway, but I appreciated this nonetheless! I have not seen the show.

  2. That’s one of me favorites! I love how he sings it.

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