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Boz Scaggs Today at 70 years old, WIlliam Royce Scaggs lives in Napa Valley, California, raises grapes and produces his own well regarded wine.  He’s happy living among his vineyards.  But if you happen to visit his tasting room, and if you’re lucky enough to be there when he pulls out his guitar, count your blessings.  Because it will only take a minute for the old melodies and bass lines to come flooding back, and you’ll find yourself back in 1976, when William Royce Scaggs was simply ‘Boz’ to the world, and his album Silk Degrees took the pop charts and radio by storm.

The well known songs off that album off that album are familiar to the ear: Lowdown, Lido Shuffle, It’s Over, Harbor Lights, Georgia, and What Can I Say. Rita Coolidge, who sang backup on that album had a hit of her own with another Silk Degrees song, We’re All Alone.

To many it seemed Boz Scaggs had come out of nowhere to strike music gold.  But in fact he had been simmering just below the pop chart radar for several years.  After two years as lead singer and guitarist for The Steve Miller Band, in 1969 he recorded with Duane Allman a song that was to become a blues classic, Loan Me A Dime.  At over 12 minutes long I won’t play it here, but I urge you to look it up on youtube and give it a listen.

Today, in addition to his tending his vineyards, Boz is still touring and recording.  He never again reached that zenith of his commercial success with SIlk Degrees, but his still growing catalogue of music continues to delight his very loyal fans.

But for all the Boz Scaggs songs of that have appeared on the music charts over the years, my personal favorite was never even released as a single.  Appearing on the follow up album to the multi-platinum Silk Degrees, the song Still Falling For You, like the album itself, was largely ignored.  But to me this song captures Boz at his brilliant best.  Clever lyrics, catchy melody, bouncing bass, and Boz’s soaring tenor all combine in a feel good, boy gets girl love song that by the end is just carrying you away.

Here, from off his 1977 album Down Two, Then Left is Boz Scaggs’ Still Falling For You. Still Falling For You

Many, many thanks to Susan for letting me guest blog here this month.  For me, it was a pure joy!  

I hope you all have enjoyed sharing Kevin’s music with him this month. I’ve heard artists I did not know, and have enjoyed getting to know them.

Boz Scagg


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6 Responses to Music Memories Monday – Boz Scaggs [Kevin Guest Blogger]

  1. Boz is the man! I like the one he wrote with David Foster, too. I think it was for a movie. “Love, Look What You’ve Done To Me”? I hope that’s it. It was great getting to know you better, Kevin!

  2. Kevin Spencer says:

    Thank you Professor! The pleasure was mine, and yes, Boz IS the man!!!

  3. Susan P says:

    I like the song, Kevin. Great sound! Thanks again.

  4. Thanks, Kev. Now I know what album to select on my iPod tonight when I fall asleep. Down Two, Then … snooze.

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