Music Memories Monday – Independent Artists

Not all great musicians record on well-known labels. There are many who find their way along the back roads, and more listeners are finding these fine performers. Today I would like to introduce Neil Mitchell.

I have permission to post this for your pleasure. I really enjoyed listening to his music, and hope that you will also enjoy it. He has a sweet sound.

2013 saw the loss of the great Michael Marra. The Dundee born singer/songwriter, one of my favourites, passed away suddenly. He left a library of great songs, one of which was Hermless, my favourite. 2012 also saw the emergence of another Dundee born singer/songwriter, Neil Mitchell. Although now living in St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia, his roots are firmly planted in Scotland. I hope 2013 see’s Neil progress as well as he has at the end of this year. A radio interview, great reviews, great comments on his youtube videos etc. The song here is his latest demo, Cold Hands. If you want to know more about Neil and listen to more of his music go to:- Neil – During My Radio interview with Fiona Elcoat on her great show “Bit Boots and Celtic Roots” we discussed the connection that Scottish people retain with regards to our homeland regardless of location. It inspired this song which makes some reference to our proud history good and bad which as Scots we continue to carry with us and remain connected. “Cold Hands” is an acknowledgement of how I believe people in my past still protect and guide me to this day.”

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10 Responses to Music Memories Monday – Independent Artists

  1. kevinespencer says:

    Wow. That’s good!!!
    Thank you Susan!!!!

  2. Siobahn McGeechan says:

    Neil Mitchell is my number one top favourite Independent Celtic music artist of all time! In the past 2 years I’ve been among the lucky participator’s in watching him grow and stretch in previously unimagined ways! If you are a devotee of all things Celtic (as I have been) Look for more of Neil’s incredible talent musically on You Tube! “St Kilda’s Mailboat” is a touching, heart warming song of his where you have the unique opportunity to learn a bit of Scot’s history via Neil’s soulful voice. I find myself wanting to go to St Kilda’s just to sense his song in person!
    If you want even more please feel free to contact me anytime or Susan can get word to me!

  3. Nice! I love that sort of music. He reminds me a bit of…Gordon Lightfoot!

  4. The Lite Rider says:

    Very folk – enjoyed and did not know about him. Thank you!

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