Music Memories Monday – Independent Artists, Lee Maddison

It’s fun walking down the roads less travelled by finding the independent artists. If you’ve ever composed music yourself, you may have had some sentiments like Jimmy Web who wrote, “song writing is hell on earth; if it isn’t then you’re not doing it right.” I took that excerpt from a blog of this independent artist, Lee Maddison. Maddison is not a one tune composer. He plays his own music as well as some of the folk songs from the 60’s.

Here for your listening pleasure is his latest release from his album.

You can learn more about him on his blog.

If you are wondering how these independent artists are found and promoted. Dave Holmes is one of the people who does just that. This is from one of the folks who has had the pleasure of interacting with both Dave and the independent artists:

“If you’re looking for a way to have your music heard and shared in a professional manner, please contact the owner of Hard Drive Promotions! Dave is a hard worker with solid connections in the music industry and will see to it that you are heard globally!” If you’re so inclined you can look for his business page, Hard Drive Promotions on Face Book or Google Plus! Please give him a “Like” after reading through his Website if you fancy!
Dave Holmes with his mountains in Scotland.

Dave Holmes with his mountains in Scotland.

I have received no money or gifts for writing this blog post.

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12 Responses to Music Memories Monday – Independent Artists, Lee Maddison

  1. Siobahn says:

    What a delicious gift awaited me in my inbox this morning! I have become a great fan of Lee Maddison’s music! My top fav is “The Vikings Daughter” I cannot wait for his newest album release! Hard Drive Promotions aka Dave Holmes is THE man and I’m ever so grateful for him bringing this artist to my attention as well as a plethora of new to me music and musicians! My inbox will never be empty again with the delightful songs and music of my hard working Independent Artists but most especially the hard work, drive and determination as well as the desire to dare to dream and live again by Dave Holmes and Hard Drive Promotions!
    *Just a few edits are required on the links above Hard Drive Promotions (not Hard Rock) and Mr Maddion’s song from his website didn’t come through!

  2. How nice. Never heard his music, but I really do like it! How do you find them, Susan?

  3. Lee Maddison says:

    Thanks so much for this Susan. Means so much to an indie artist.
    Anyone who enjoys the Viking’s Saughter can get a couple of free tracks from my album at

  4. Lady Cheetah says:

    That was a nice Monday treat. Like to hear more of that.

    P.S.- this is the second time I have seen the Robert Frost qoute of traveling the road less travelled. Truly this is a message.

  5. The Lite Rider says:

    This music reminds me of so many things – like a male version of Loreena McKennitt singing traditional songs. Or like old 60’s folk . It’s both old and new simultaneously. If that makes sense. Very nice. And good of you to promote.

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