Monday Music Memories – Kaz Hawkins – Blues/Rock/Soul

Kaz hails from East Belfast, Ireland, and has been noticed by the mayor of Belfast. She is a different kind of music than we have seen in the other independent artists, and has a voice that will haunt you for a long time.

Make a stop at her blog to get to know her better.

This is from Kaz’s promoter, Dave Holmes:

Right then… Let’s get one thing clear, Kaz Hawkins has to be, in my honest opinion, one of the finest female blues singers I have ever heard anywhere, and quite understandably I was rather excited when she sent me a copy of her new single ‘Can’t afford me’ which was released on May 1st

Yeah, nice title Kaz, although I would have called it ‘Can’t afford me – ‘cos I am priceless!’… (and that would be an understatement)

Stop right there!…I bet I can guess what some of you are thinking…”oh no, another depressing blues number about how “I woke up this morning and my baby had gone, so I took to drinking liquor, lost my job, gonna get me a gun…  yada  yada”… Well that couldn’t be any further from the truth!

What we have here is a very upbeat blues/boogie that will literally take your breath away.

Talk about value for money! There’s no dithering intro here or seemingly endless fade out…From the moment you hit <play> you are smacked with a sound that will grab you by the scruff of the neck, give you a severe (but pleasant) thrashing, then  drop you in a breathless heap and reaching for the play button in order to get your next  ‘fix’

Kaz Hawkins’ voice is truly staggering. It has power and it has volume – vast amounts of both! But most importantly, it has soul

Imagine, if you can, the voice of Alison Moyet, blended with that of Beth Hart and you might possibly begin to come somewhere close to understanding what I mean.

But not only are we treated to the aural delights of Kaz Hawkins,. Accompanying her are her band… one of the most outstanding, the tightest and dynamic bands to be heard in a long time. But I won’t be guilty of saying that the band ‘back Kaz up’ because what we get with Kaz Hawkins and her band is a collective of finely tuned musicians working as one living organism… and resistance is futile! So can we have some more please Kaz? Lots more – and soon

Dave Holmes

May 2014

– Release Date: 09/18/14

Here is Kaz’s most recent single. I think you will enjoy her energy and presence.

I have received no money for featuring Kaz Hawkins, Independent Artist.


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  1. I too heard about Kaz’ amazing talents via Dave Holmes Hard Drive Promotions and am equally intrigued by her whole person approach to her music. I have heard her songs played by Dave Watkins, winner of 2014 British Blues Awards winner for excellence in music presenting. After hearing Kaz’ on his show out of Frome FM England, via Blues and Roots and Radio Toronto Canada I simply had to share her music with others elsewhere in the world. A sound of hope and healing to a lost and dying world! Thank you Kaz Hawkins……long may you sing~

  2. That was a highly entertaining music video!

  3. The Lite Rider says:

    Very nice. Thank you for sharing. I’ve learned a lot since reading your blog!

  4. The Lite Rider says:

    Oh, and this is old time blues voice. Loved it.

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